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Instructions On How To Sends Us Your Breuer Chair


Seats and Backs to Breuer chair:

a. Turn the chair over. Under the seat on the steel frame, you will see 4 screws which when unscrewed will release the seat unit.

b. The same process applies with the back. Note: Please keep the screws back with you (do not send the screws please).

c. Once the seat and/or back are released from the original chair, please label it with an identifying number starting with 1 up to 10 to comply with our order form.


d. Once you have labeled the seat/back, stack them on each other rough side to avoid scratching.


e. Once you have packaged your item, please forward it to us making sure the address is visible as follows:
68A Woodland Ave
San Rafael, California 94901

Turnaround Time:
Normally to 2 to 3 weeks upon receipt.

If you have any questions regarding the above instructions or shipping please call: (415) 482-6587

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